Villa Helene

Make your experience something to remember

A Villa Helene meeting consists of equal parts peace and quiet, combined with exclusive VIP-treatment. There is no standing in line to check in or out. Concentrate 100% on your agenda, and enjoy meals and intermissions without interruptions. We will spice up the day with surprising events – just for you. Villa Helene transforms your meeting into a unique event. Villa Helene is a perfect setting for weddings, parties and other special occasions.

Hold meetings in private surroundings
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5 good reasons ...

1. You have the entire floor, or the entire villa to yourselves.

2. All meals and intermission services are solely for you, in a private setting.

3. All meals are flexible. We adjust them, exactly according to your wishes.

4. Our undivided attention, whether you are 5 or 30 persons.

5. You go directly to the villa, where we have everything ready, from your rooms, to baggage service, to car parking, if you wish.

We happily arrange...

We happily arrange shuttle or limo service, welcome gifts, and newspapers in your rooms.

You can also order a take home dinner for your family. Prepared by Restaurant Wohlert, and ready to warm up at home – easy, simple and delicious.

You will have a dedicated attendant, to accommodate each and every request,

A continuous contact, functioning as your host for the day.

Tailor made for you

In Villa Helene you´ll find all of the latest technical meeting equipment, including media training equipment.

Private and flexible framework

The important breaks

Enjoy all your meals, undisturbed, in your own rooms. We will pamper you throughout the meeting day with homemade and tasty delicacies.


You can concentrate 100% on the meeting, because you have the entire floor, or the entire villa to yourself.


Our food philosophy is to utilize the best seasonal produce. We prepare, as often as possible, produce grown in our own vegetable garden and fruit trees. We also sort, with great attention to detail, all of the deliveries our suppliers bring.

Our food is healthy and tastes of food artfully prepared, with love of gastronomy. We also guarantee that it will provide the fuel the brain requires for a long meeting day.

Chef Kristian Lander elaborates: “With us, the food is accessible and understandable. We ensure that everyone goes satisfied and nourished from the table. We also listen to special needs and wishes”.


  1. Location Marie
  2. Location Emilie
  3. Lokation Valdemar
  4. Lokation Aksel
  5. Pejsestuen og Salon Helene

Villa Helene was originally built as a residence in 1830 and, among others, Princess Marie of Orléans has resided here.

The villa appears today in completely renovated condition, in a Nordic light style, and with furniture designed by, among others, Kaare Klint.

The villa stands in a southerly facing garden, adorned with fruit trees and a lovely pergola – a perfect backdrop for team building activities.

Villa Helene altogether is 300 m2

Location Marie

30 persons

Location Emilie

8 persons

Lokation Valdemar

18 persons

Lokation Aksel

8 persons

Pejsestuen og Salon Helene

Exellent for Breakouts

Chill out



After a day of intense meetings, it is great to go back to your room and chill out. At Lysebu, you can choose between warm and cosy rooms and stylish, elegant suites.

single roomsdouble roomssuites


Take a dip in our inviting pool. Newly renovated in 2011 and linked to a fitness room and sauna. This is a great place to recharge your batteries!

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