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Food that tastes great

Restaurant Wohlert is known for food, which tastes and is made from quality seasonal produce. The restaurant was drawn by Wilhelm Wohlert, the architect behind Louisiana, and features fine Nordic design furniture and unique art.

We also offer

The guest kitchen

Participants create, together with one of Restaurant Wohlert´s talented cooks, for example a 4-course gourmet menu, which you enjoy together, afterwards in the kitchen.

Wine tasting

A Christmas luncheon or an evening with good friends could perhaps begin with a cozy wine-tasting before dinner? We challenge you with a little quiz on wine, which will, without a doubt, entertain everyone.

Speakers and entertainment

We can arrange interesting speakers and talented performing artists who can sweeten your event with inspiration and entertainment. Contact us to hear more.

Look forward to...

The cheeses

Do you like special cheeses, which can be difficult to get ahold of? Then you can enjoy a completely unique cheese-board with scrumptious and tasty cheeses, the completion of a fine dinner.

The Wines

For your dinner, we offer flavorful wine from all over the world. Our talented waiters will guide you to the right wine, fitting with the menus flavor and composition.

The Art

Restaurant Wohlert is in itself worth a visit. The architect behind Louisiana, Wilhelm Wohlert, has drawn the restaurant, and the furniture was patterned by H.J. Wegner. On the walls, you can enjoy lovely Cobra Art by, among others, Egill Jacobsen.

An award-winning kitchen

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