Memories for a lifetime

It is important to celebrate, to spend time with people you love, and to make shared memories and history together. The ambience, the rooms and the people who work here make Lysebu an unbeatable setting for your memories.

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For all events in life, big and small



We hoist the flag for the confirmand. This day will never come again and must therefore be completely unforgettable.



The cozy atmosphere at Schæffergaarden is made for a christening. Old and young thrive with plenty of room to romp.



The most important day in your lives, with memories you will never forget Schæffergaarden offers the perfect backdrop for a wedding – whatever the season.



Schæffergaarden is a dignified place to say farewell. We will assist you with arranging all the practical details. Concentrate on the most important thing for yourself on that day.


Anniversaries & Special days

We do our best to fulfill all of your expectations, that both you and your guests have. We leave nothing to chance.


Christmas party

Pickled Herring, warm dishes and ris á la mande are just a couple of the delicacies we offer, when this year’s Christmas Luncheon is around the corner. For a somewhat different luncheon, begin the evening with a wine tasting.

Our Rooms

For life’s great festivities


The Food

Our menus are prepared with the best seasonal produce and are carefully composed to give
Our guests a unique and unforgettable experience.

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Chill out



After a day of intense meetings, it is great to go back to your room and chill out. At Lysebu, you can choose between warm and cosy rooms and stylish, elegant suites.

single roomsdouble roomssuites


Take a dip in our inviting pool. Newly renovated in 2011 and linked to a fitness room and sauna. This is a great place to recharge your batteries!

The Hotel