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An historic and cultural meeting place

Schæffergaarden is owned by the Foundation for Danish-Norwegian Cooperation, which works for increasing understanding and cooperation between Denmark and Norway. Schæffergaarden functions daily as a background for the foundations activities and stipendiaries, as well as hotel and host for conferences and banquets. At Schæffergaarden, there are bountiful possibilities for relaxation, celebrating life’s great events, or holding large and small meetings.



The Help
  • The story behind the Foundation for Danish-Norwegian Cooperation originates with Norway’s Help during the Second World War. Denmark collected money and food for the Norwegians, who were lacking the most basic things. In all, more than 32.000 tons of food were shipped from Denmark to Norway.
  • The Foundation for Danish-Norwegian Cooperation began in 1946, with the money left over from Norways Help. Lysebu became the foundations home in Oslo. In 1949, the foundation received a second home, in Denmark, named Schæffergaarden.
  • Read more about the Foundation for Danish-Norwegian Cooperation here.

1755: Court Carpentry Master Diederich Schæffer constructed the stately main building at Schæffergaarden, because the nearby castle, Ibstrup Castle, was too small.

1781: The property changed owners a couple of times, and reached its golden age in 1909, when the property was taken over by Prince Harald. The name was changed to Jægersborghus.

1920: Ernst Michaelsen, director for Vacuum Oil Company, purchased the property. The name was changed to Schæffergaarden and was remodeled to the clean, original style.

1949: The Foundation for Danish-Norwegian Cooperation appropriate the property and architect Palle Suenson rebuilds the wings to a 2-story bedroom wing.

1972: Schæffergaarden expands with Restaurant Wohlert.

1987: The Agora wing is born, created by architect Hans Henrik Olrik. The building contains the reception, booking department, auditorium, café, plenum locales, group rooms and hotel rooms.

2008: The Wohlert wing is renovated. Though, in the original style from 1972.

The Foundation and Lysebu

Schæffergaarden is owned by the Foundation for Danish-Norwegian Cooperation, which also owns the hotel Lysebu in Oslo. All operational proceeds from Schæffergaarden and Lysebu go towards realizing the Foundations´ goals. That means, amongst others, that the Foundation distributes approximately 6.000 stipendiates per annum, which equals approximately 10 mio. kr.

Schæffergaarden offers constant cultural events, for example exhibitions, concerts and lectures with Nordic representatives and artists.

Read more about the Foundation for Danish-Norwegian Cooperation here and visit Lysebu´s homepage here.

Art and design

Schæffergaarden´s hallmarks are knowledge, art and culture. Therefore, we house a large collection of Nordic Art and interior design. The finest Danish furniture designers, from the 1930-60s, are represented throughout the house. The works of designers such as Børge Mogensen, Ole Wanscher, Kaare Klint and Hans J. Wegner are found. The art collection includes, amongst others, the works of Sven Havsteen-Mikkelsen, Egill Jacobsen, William Scharff , Gerhard Henning, Haagen Müller, Jeppe Vontillius and Lars Nørgaard. In the rooms, hang works by known Danish Artists in trust from the National Foundation of the Arts.

Privacy policy

Schæffergården complies with EU requirements for processing guest, customer and supplier information.

Read our personal data policy for handling guest, costumer and supplier information here.

PÅSKEFERIEN MED GRATIS TURPAS TIL BAKKEN Kun 15 min. fra Schæffergården ligger Bakken - verdens ældste forlystelsespark med 32 forlystelser. Vi giver gratis turpas hertil, når I booker et ophold i påsken (12.-22. april). Pris fra kr. 1.585,- for 2 voksne og 1 barn. www.schaeffergaarden.dk/hotel 39 77 28 00 #Schæffergården #Schaeffergaarden #Påskeferie2019 #Mitbakken #Danskdesign #Hygge

Hvad er klokken? Det er kagetid! 🍰 Vores søde konferencetjener Lone serverer hver dag kl. 14 hjemmebagte kagelækkerier for vores gæster. #Schæffergården #Schaeffergaarden #densødetand #elskerkage

LIV I DRIVHUSET I "Den Gamle Køkkenhave" i vores park er der nu gang i forspiring af salater og urter, som ser dagens lys omkring 1. april. www.schaeffergaarden.dk/kokkenhaven #Schaeffergaarden #Schæffergården #Dengamlekøkkenhave #Gogreen

KÆRLIGHED TIL KLASSISK DANSK DESIGN Vi elsker vores smukke og gedigne Hans J. Wegnerstole. Derfor giver vi dem indimellem ekstra kærlig pleje med en god gang møbelolie. #Schæffergården "Schaeffergaarden #Danskdesign #Wegnerpp208